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Figurehead Theatre welcomes and encourages submissions from artists of all backgrounds and is committed to inclusive and diverse casting. These roles are open to actors of any ethno-cultural identity, any gender expression or identity and other equity seeking groups.

Auditions for Bruno & Hogginfritz

Figurehead Theatre is seeking a performer for the role of Bruno (The Postman), in our upcoming production of Bruno & Hogginfritz, written by Jade Walker. It will be presented as part of the 2022 Toronto Fringe Festival, which runs for 7 performances from July 6—17th, 2022. Exact dates and venue TBD.


About Bruno & Hogginfritz - A posh over the top upper-class young Englishman (Hogginfritz) has "escaped" from a mental ward and is living in an abandoned house where the furniture seems to come alive. Once the Postman (Bruno) steps inside to deliver one piece of mail, the eccentric chaos begins and their relationship explodes into a high energy romp to understand what is what and who is who. (Runtime - 50 minutes)

Director/Writer: Jade Walker
Stage Manager: Douglas Peerless

Producer: Tyler Lionel Parr
Co-Producers: Jade Walker

We encourage both union and non union performers to submit. This production will engage under the Festival Policy and compensation type will be profit share, as outlined in the Festival Policy. 

Please email Jade Walker directly to set up an audition date and time. Auditions will be scheduled from April 11 - 14th. Times TBD. This will be a cold read, excerpts taken from the script. We will email you the excerpts once we have contacted you to arrange a date and time to audition. A cockney accent is preferred but not necessary. 

All actors are asked to submit their headshot and resume to jadedaniellewalker@gmail.com. The submission deadline is April 8th. 

All government and Toronto Fringe COVID-19 protocols will be in place throughout the production. Figurehead Theatre currently requires that all participants must provide proof of double-vaccination against COVID 19 two weeks prior to the beginning of our in-person rehearsals. 

Bruno, the postman: (25+) A friendly, compassionate, and unassuming cockney postman. Startled by what he's stumbled upon, he soon takes a keen interest into Hogginfritz and the magical world he calls home. 

If you have any questions or require any application accommodations please email jadedaniellewalker@gmail.com [jadedaniellewalker AT gmail DOT com]